Klaviyo is the Best Email Platform for Early Stage Ecomm Brands - Here's Why

Posted on
September 14, 2020

If any eComm startup hits early product-market-fit and they're ready to scale up marketing - I usually see email gathering and nurturing as an existing gap.

Email for eComm is easy but there are literally 100's of options to get started.

More often than that (depending on very specific use-cases), I recommend Klaviyo.

Why Klaviyo is the Best Bet for Getting Started:

Easy Integrating.

- 43 Custom Integrations Baked In (barely any tweaking involved)

- 13 of those Integrations specific to eComm and cover most major platforms (Shopify, Magento, Amazon Marketplace, BigCommerce, etc)

Easy Migration.

- Move from your existing email platform in no time (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, a spreadsheet...)

Easy Automations (Flows) to get started with.

- 38 Pre-Built and Customizable Automations included with every plan

- 13 of which don't require any other apps or integrations to use (meaning the only delay in getting those emails out is actually writing the content and gathering the assets)

Low Cost (scaled and getting started).

- 10,000 subscribers on Klaviyo is ~$150/month (based on send rate) compared to nearly $400 on Mailchimp for a similar feature set

Lasting thoughts:

- Be sure to gather emails with pop-ups (you can use Klaviyo for this too) I also like Addthis (for free) or Sleeknote if you want to get more advanced

- Set up an email specific subdomain like @mail.store.com so you don't get pinged for spam as you experiment (💩 happens)

- Start small. Some of the most effective emails don't look the prettiest. Don't get too caught up in design to a point that it hinders progress (I'll be posting more about this point in the future)

🧠 Thoughts?

Posted on
September 14, 2020