MOON Website Re-design

The story behind optimizing an award-winning website for e-commerce, deciding on future tools and roadmap, and managing a cross-functional development process.

Dippy Engage Progressive Web Tablet App

Managed and built a responsive progressive web tablet app that gathered feedback and hiring leads as well as displayed dynamic deals and advertising to Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) customers

Dippy Engage Better Feedback

Utilizing Twilio, our own API to parse JSON, Typeform, and at times our tablet progressive web application, we created a better version of what you currently see on Quick Service Restaurant Receipts

Dippy Engage Better Automated Text Messages

Emojis, MMS, Referrals, Short Links, Auto-responders, FCC and TCPA Compliance, all wrapped up in one

Dippy Engage Better Promotion Page

We re-invented the mobile promotion page. Better UX, more secure, and easier than ever for businesses to provide SMS promotions to their customers

Dippy Engage Tablet App Promotions

Lets brands advertise their mobile apps for download via a tablet app instead of just utilizing in-store signage.