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Dippy V1 Tablets

With Dippy, brick and mortar brands get their customers to convert in-store, allowing them to focus more on wowing their customers instead of spending all of the time and resources attracting them.

Dippy’s in-store kiosks and text messaging solution gets your customers to download your app and join your loyalty program for up to a tenth of the cost.

Dippy is the first and only company in the world that makes your in-store marketing as powerful as digital and combines it with the smartest text message engagement platform possible.

  • Get your customer information while they're waiting in line or standing around waiting for their food.
  • Bring mobile surveys to life and instantly reward your customers after they respond.
  • Text your customers when and how often they want to be reached - driving engagement through the roof.
  • Utilize our text and web based limited time offers to make it as easy as possible for your customers to receive an offer and better yet, come back and use it. 
  • Make it easier than ever for potential job candidates to show interest in the moment and then engage with your brand and apply - when they have the time.
  • Our animated displays bring your app marketing to life. Napkin ads or posters in store don't do your app or loyalty system justice, instead our kiosk app builder (and included templates) create the most effective in-person app marketing platform ever. Showcase your apps best features with images and video. Use animations to display as much or as little information as you see fit. Better yet, if you don't yet know your most effective message, test multiple iterations instantaneously between multiple locations or even within the same one.
  • Dive in to the data. We bring the when, where, what, and how to in-store marketing. When did the customer sign up? Where were they?what message did they see? How effective was the marketing in-moment and past-signup?
  • Use our drip marketing capabilities to continue your relationship with your customer in and out of your store.

With Dippy you don't lose your customers after they walk out the door...

Dippy Engage Progressive Web Tablet App

Managed and built a responsive progressive web tablet app that gathered feedback and hiring leads as well as displayed dynamic deals and advertising to Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) customers

Dippy Engage
Release Date:
February 2019

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